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Several types of abortion procedures

At Sohan OB/GYN we understand that not all decisions in life are easy to make. However, if you are needing or considering an abortion we can help in several ways. Our team cares about your privacy and level of comfort. Our Surgical abortion services are available up to 24 weeks gestation. An abortion is a very safe procedure. In our office the procedure is performed by highly qualified Gynecologists, who have had many years of experience. We offer the option of local (awake) or general (asleep) anesthesia by experienced anesthesiologists. We have counselors on staff if you need to speak with someone before or after your procedure.
The Early Option PillIs a combination of medications that is used to terminate a pregnancy, that is less than 9 weeks gestation. 
There are different Types of Early Option Pills It may be a little confusing trying to figure out which option you wish to go for. However, our licensed and professional staff is knowledgeable enough to recommend the best options for you when choosing the abortion pill. 
Surgical abortion services Are available up to 24 weeks gestation.
Medical abortions Are only available up through nine weeks gestation. 

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